Zion (n): any place you feel peace.


AUBREY (founder)


Aubrey, founder of Zion Well, has been teaching yoga and meditation for 5 years. Aubrey has a calm voice with a meaningful message. 

ART (founder)


Art, founder of Zion Well, enjoys nature, yoga and meditation.  His classes are challenging and he speaks from his soul. 

JEN (Instructor)

Instructor Jen

Jen is a life coach and yoga instructor. She is passionate about helping people find their best self. She teaches MOVE at Zion.

ASHLEY (Instructor)

Ashley, yoga instructor.

Ashley is a yoga instructor and wellness professional. She is passionate about health and fitness. Look forward to her detailed orientated classes great for a beginner or someone looking to learn about postures etc.  She teaches MOVE and GENTLE. 

KELSEY (Instructor)

Kelsey Taylor Zion Well Instructor

Kelsey lives a life of service. Her spirit is calm, compassionate and adventurous. She has experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to veterans and others dealing with trauma. Be inspired by her soulful classes. See her on the Zion Well schedule teaching RESTORE, MOVE, ALIGN and more.

Studio Etiquette


When you arrive to studio please turn your phone on silent. Phones are not welcome in the practice area. You may store your phone in cubby area.

Personal Belongings

Any valuables should be left at home or locked in your car. Please store personal belongings in cubbies near restrooms. Doors are locked during class for security. Please limit items on studio floor to towel, drink (with a secure top) and mat.

Peace and Quiet

During class doors are locked so if you are waiting in hallway please be mindful and quiet! The space is a sanctuary for students so once you arrive try to find a peaceful demeanor. Cellphones on silent.

Check In Process

Enter through the door on the right and stop at the front desk. If you checked in online please stop to make sure you are checked into class. Remove shoes and make your way to the studio area. Find a place for your mat and put your belongings in a cubby around the corner!


Please arrive early to class 5-10 minutes. Doors lock as class begins so if you are late you will not be able to enter. Leaving early is STRONGLY discouraged.

New Students

Feel free to sign up online or in person. Make sure to wear clothes that you feel comfortable sweating in! When you arrive check in at the front desk and we will welcome you into our space and show you around.